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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Back to Class! (Well, sort of...)

So this has been an amazing week for me... I was able to finally teach Turbo Kick AND PiYo.  What a blast!!  I have to admit, I was a bit distracted by trying to keep my body in a lower impact mode and refrain from jumping and/or pivoting on my left foot.  It made me so ditzy about memorizing my choreography (which is usually not a problem!) as well as feeling really worried that I was still able to cue and demonstrate an effective class.  

Side note:  Have I mentioned how spaz-tastic I can be?  It was apparent that I was a bit distracted during my first week back:  on Tuesday I couldn't get my music to work (thank you old music from Best of Volume 4) and today I lost my gym bag!!  (Which, by the way, has been found by the lovely girls in the daycare).

Now... I'll just be continuing to ease into these 2 formats and keep crossing my fingers for an August return to Hip Hop Hustle. 

So, what to do tomorrow?  Weights and stationary bike, I presume.  How about you?!

AND:  If you live in Boise/Meridian, please come join me at Idaho Athletic Club:  Silverstone and Black Eagle locations.  We have a ball and burn TONS of calories!

P.S. Please join my on my Fan Page!  I need more fans.  :) 

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