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Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Guess which girl has a healed stress injury?  THIS girl!  Guess which girl gets to stop wearing her rigid carbon insole?  THIS girl!!!!  That's right, the MRI shows that my injury is HEALED, PEOPLE!!!!  So that means no more tennis shoes in my house all day every day.  It also means that I'm not ready for high heels yet.  But I'm hoping to find some cute flats with a good arch that can suppress my urge to throw my tennis shoes out the nearest window.

So why, pray tell, does my foot still hurt?  According to the doctor, my foot is de-conditioned and I need to undergo physical therapy to SLOWLY return it to normal activity.  Translation:  I probably should not pop in my Turbo Kick DVD tomorrow and start learning the current round.  HOWEVER, I have my first appointment with the physical therapist (one who specializes in getting athletes back to their sport of choice) and I'm anxious to get on her program.  I'll be slowly, incrementally, gaining strength and getting back to Turbo.

Awwwwww  Yeahhhhhhh.... that's what I'm talking about!!!!  (Doing a happy dance, albeit it's more of a "hopping in a circle on my right foot" dance).

Bring on the Physical Therapy:  this Tuesday at 10:45am (not that I'm counting down the minutes or anything).

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  1. WAHOOO!!! So exciting. Is it odd that I feel like congratulating you on a healed foot? :)