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Friday, April 1, 2011

Time keeps on slippin slippin slippin... into the future...

First off, by recommendation of a dear friend, I have changed my blog name to reflect that I am, in fact, a fitness "addict" more than anything else.  It's true.  Exercise is certainly my drug and I really have been feeling like I'm going through withdrawls.  Once you become addicted to exercise and you're pulled out of the game, it can be very depressing and sink you deep deep down to a dark place.  HOWEVER, I believe that I've pulled through the worst of it.  My attitude, though I still feel low at times, is SO much better and now I'm dreaming of a day when I can TURBO again...

I've also decided to call this my "Diary" instead of "Adventures."  I guess that's because sometimes it just doesn't feel like I'm on an adventure.  Adventures are fun and this has been stressful!  ;)

Moving on!

Okay folks, March is gone and I officially felt it was my best month in terms of "being good."  Lots of swimming, leg lifts, core training and upper body lifting.  Zero biking (well, one 5 minute session on resistance level 1...boy that was a hoot) and zero impact on the foot... sans your basic walking around plus up and down my stairs eighty times a day due to the small children and their constant need for this or that.  But I have been wearing my shoes with the rigid insoles at all times, just like I was told!!  See?  I CAN follow orders!

This past week I had a bone density scan and that came back normal.  So now I know that I am actually a low risk for stress fracture.  Great.  Thanks bone density machine.  Can you please tell my foot that?

Now I orthopedic check up is this coming Tuesday.  Waiting...waiting...waiting...  Tick/Tock...

In the meantime, I feel that over the past 2 weeks I have really put my nutrition and eating in check.  No more eating just because I'm sad or feel sorry for myself.  Feeling a lot better and things are starting to seem brighter...

Maybe the doctor will tell me that I can do squats!  WOW!  (These are the little things that make my day).

Side note:  Here's another thing that always makes my day... when I slip on a hoodie I haven't worn in a while and find a Pomegranate Burt's Bees lip balm in the pocket.  Mmmmm-mmmm ... luscious!

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for reading!  XOXO

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