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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Still motivated...but just barely...

So folks, I have been battling a sore throat, and other cold symptoms, for the past 5 days and it's getting progressively worse.  Today I skipped physical therapy in lieu of a trip to a nearby walk-in clinic.  I didn't want to hack and cough all over my therapist and her staff.  I just felt that wasn't appropriate.  I know, I'm very thoughtful.  Thanks for noticing.

I'm SO hopeful that my antibiotics clear this thing up so I can go to the gym tomorrow.  I am so looking forward to riding the hideously awful stationary bike!!

The good news is that over the past two weeks, I've been able to attend my sub's Turbo Kick class.  I have kept it very low impact (no jumping...boring! ...but better than nothing) and so far so good.  There's a little bit of achiness in the left foot, but that's because the intrinsic muscles are waking up after being "babied" for the past several months.  I have to admit, the "achiness" is kind of bothersome...

I hope to be able to go this Thursday again and I'm gearing up for a June return to my classes!  Well, at least Turbo and PiYo.  Those, I believe, I can modify over the next month as I ease my way back into the regular regimine.

Side note:  I did not appreciate being weighed today at the walk-in clinic.  That was unnecessary and I did not dress appropriately - clearly my tennis shoes, hoodie and glasses added at LEAST 5 lbs.  The nerve! 

I'm still keeping my eye on the prize, but I can tell you this:  I'm SO tired of boring, mediocre workouts.  HOWEVER, I'm still motivated enough to do what my therapist and doctor tell me because one thing is for sure: I hope to NEVER go through this nonsense again.

I'm out - off to go cough myself into oblivion and sneeze some more...  Enjoy your evening!

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