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Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 31 - Attitude Adjustment

Are you like me?  Do you workout even when you're injured, ignoring slight pain just to get your workout in?  Are you a crazed fitness fanatic that will stop at NOTHING (almost) to get a workout in?  It's a DRAG not being able to workout to my full potential, but I have been trying.  PEOPLE, I have been TRYING!  Somehow, however, I still manage to stay injured or ... the latest ... exacerbate an old injury.

I am not sure what I ever did to my right shoulder, but I have a reoccuring issue that becomes inflamed every now and then if I am not careful.  After several sessions with the lovely Jennifer Nevala, my favorite Physical Therapist, I was armed with some simple shoulder strenthening exercises.  They are wonderful to pull out of my arsenal if ever I feel the pain coming on. 

Today I'm taking another rest day.  My last workout was on Wednesday and it was an amazing swim.  I beat my time by 5 minutes, and decided to stay in the pool for an extra 10 laps.  I was feeling awesome! 
(side note:  I TOTALLY beat that woman swimming laps next to me!!  Plus, I could see underwater that she was putting her feet down during her breast stroke.  Cheater!!  Really, I'm just joking... ;)  Also, I had lifted heavy on Tuesday.  I did the same routine this past Saturday plus a swim on the same day.  My right shoulder had been bugging me for a while, but did I stop and do my physical therapy exercises before continuing to push through the pain?  NO, I did not.  I did, to my credit, THINK about doing it.  "Hmmm, my shoulder is starting to bother me again.  Maybe I should take this week off shoulders (including swimming) and just do my physical therapy exercises for a week."  That was a thought I had recurringly throughout this past month.  Hard headed as I can be, I did not rest my shoulders.  I was getting SO excited about swimming, that I didn't want to lose my stride. 

So now, here I sit, shoulder in excruitiating pain.  One nice thing about my shoulder bothering me is that I haven't noticed any foot pain in the last 2 days!  This is what I have decided to do:  This week I will continue to stay out of the gym and work on floor legs and abs at home, as well as my shoulder strengthening exercises.  That is going to have to be enough for this week.  AND, I am wrapping my head around aligning my eating with my decrease in activity.  I simply can not eat as much as I like if I am not able to workout as hard as I like.  That's the simple truth.

Today is the day I stop feeling sorry for myself, stop pushing myself unnecessarily, and start paying better attention to my body.  I will stop comparing myself to others (why is that 50 year old ultra marathon runner injury free!?!?!?!?  Why is the woman who created Turbo Kick 10 years older than me and doesn't have any of the issues I do!?!?!?) and start taking more pride in myself. 

We are all made differently.  Our bones and bodies are each unique.  Some of us are just simply more prone to injury for some reason or another.  It doesn't make you or me a weak person.  It doesn't even mean we have to stop all activity and become lazy.  It just means that we, as athletes, have to take a little extra care when doing our favorite sports or activities. 

So I'll keep taking my Vitamin D and Calcium supplements, as well as my Shakeology, and start exercising more gently until there is no more pain.

What about you?  What will you do to better yourself or your outlook today?  Do you have something going on in your life that is bringing you (and your attitude) down?  Let's figure out a way to turn it around.  We're in this together, dear reader!


  1. Oh Jen, I hear you and I'm so sorry. And no worries about venting to us, it really does help! I have been soo frustrated lately that in class on Friday I just said screw it & ran laps outside with my class. NOT at all a good choice. I couldn't walk the next day. I just so badly want to be better & want to resume my normal workout routine. I haven't yet figured out how to adapt to a new one & it's making me crazy & a bit depressed (and super weak too! I feel I'm losing all muscle mass!). But I woke up this morning feeling motivated to get out of this funk & just deal with it! So I'll be your co-injured cheerleader if you need one!

  2. I hope you're continuing with that great attitude, Amber! Remember, leg lifts and bicep curls. LOL! We can both get through this. The better we are at not pushing it, the sooner we'll be back in the game!