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Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 10 - Finally Swimming!

See??  I TOLD you I'd swim by Sunday!  I didn't want to, but I bit the bullet and did it.

Back in November when the good Dr first put me in the boot and told me I couldn't teach for about a month, I asked him, with a tear streaked face, what kind of cardio COULD I do?  He said swimming was the only thing I could safely do.  No water aerobics (that involves impact on the floor of the pool and I have to avoid ALL weight bearing activity on the foot), but swimming would be fine.  Immediately I made a mental note: "I guess there's no cardio for now..."  Yes, I basically let the suggestion of swimming go in one ear and out the other.

Fast forward to last week when I got the boot off for the SECOND time.  The doctor reminded me that swimming is going to be my best and safest option to get some cardio.  If you read my Day 7 entry, you will see that I tried a 2nd option (recumbent bike) in hopes of avoiding swimming and I just simply hit it too hard.  I've been SO good in avoiding the bike this week b/c I vowed I would (see??  this blog IS keeping me accountable!!).

Why am I so averse to swimming, you may ask?  Well, my internet friend, I have a million excuses:  first, I have not even been "swimming" since I was a teenager and was a lifeguard.  I know HOW to swim, but I never ever do it for sport.  So that, in and of itself, is my top reason.  Just plain unsure of the unknown.  I know how many calories I can burn teaching my favorite classes, doing spin class, running, etc, but I have never been convinced I could burn as many calories while swimming.  I know that it's supposed to be a wonderful form of exercise, but it seems like you have to swim for hours just to equal the calorie burn of one run or cardio class. 
Secondly, it seems like such a hassle!  It's one thing to finish a cardio session drenched in your own sweat, but it's quite another to be drenched in chlorine.  Don't you think?  Your hair is all matted and stinky and can potentially turn green.  It's hard to run to the bathroom if you need to.  Or what if the daycare lady has to come find you because your little one just pooped his pants?  It seems like such a bother to get out of the pool to go change a diaper.  I don't think I'd be getting back into the pool after that.

My third excuse is just SO vain that I hesitate to even say.  Oh well, why stop now?  I've always been very self conscious of myself in a swimming suit and, although I LOVE the beach and sun and sand, etc, I have always had big time issues with wearing a swimming suit.  My husband has been angry with me on more than one occasion where I have conveniently "forgotten" my swimsuit on a vacation where there may be a hot tub.  I can be a real brat, by the way. 

Also, I know I can't swim laps in a bikini, so I knew I'd have to go out and get a new suit.  Ugh... that means trying on swimsuits in the winter.  No thanks.  However, I've been avoiding it for too long and I finally bucked up.  This will be a great workout and it's my only chance at getting some consistent exercise (other than my upper body and ab routine... I need to switch things up!).  So yesterday I went to the lovely establishment known as Costco (I was told they have cheap suits there) and mananged to end up with one of the ugliest suits they had.  Geez - why did I think black with white flowers would be flattering?  And, is it SUPPOSED to make me look like I have 4 butt cheeks?  Disgust! 

Okay, time to get over yourself (sorry, just talking to myself for a minute...) 

After getting a good swimming pep talk from my best bud Lori (who has been swimming as part of her Iron Man training), I decided to don my suit and hit the pool this morning.  I have belonged to this gym for almost 6 years and I have never even stepped foot into the pool area.  I had no idea of what to expect as far as the size of the pool or the rules, etc.  The doctor suggested simply kickboarding for 20 min or so.  So that's what I did.  I found a kickboard and I did laps with it for 35 minutes.  I was actually surprised at how fast the time went by.  I was sure it would be so super boring that I didnt know if I could even last 10 min in there.  But after 35 min, I got out and headed home.  Truthfully, I don't feel like I got a very good workout.  I didn't stop at all during that time, but still don't feel like I burned very many calories.  I plan to go again on Sunday with Lori and she is going to show me some good stuff.  I am also going to look up to see if I can find any info online.  If this is going to be one of my main forms of exercise over the next 6 weeks, then I'd better figure out some fun and hard routines.  Kickboarding for 35 minutes every day is NOT going to cut it, folks.

If you have any good insight on swimming or any advice, please feel free to share!  I'd love some support from actual "swimmers." ;)

So, in closing, take it from me:  get out there and do something you've never tried before or something you haven't done in eons.  What are you so afraid of?  I was so embarrassed to be seen in my swimsuit, but no one in the pool area gives a s**t.  It's like I always tell my Turbo Kick students who feel self conscious.  No one is watching you but YOU.  Everyone is just trying to workout so get over yourself!  (I'm such a hypocrite, aren't I?  LOL)


  1. I can so relate! I enjoy swimming but it is a major undertaking to do. Not a lunch hour cardio workout. Needs to be first thing or last thing in the day for me.

    Love your sense of humor!

  2. It's a pain in the butt to get to the pool!!! I'm proud of you for doing it when you can. Now that I'm in the swing of it, I can see myself doing it to mix things up, even when I'm healed.

    Keep up the good work!