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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day One... after the diagnosis

A very short background on me:  I'm a fitness instructor and my favorite classes to teach are: Turbo Kick, PiYo and Hip Hop Hustle.  I also enjoyed weight lifting and running (well, enjoy running is a bit of a stretch...).  In short, I LOVE to excercise, jump, kick, move and sweat.  And, more importantly, I NEED it just like some people need water.  I am a Class A Number One Grouch when I don't get the proper amount of exercise.

Which leads me to my story of being an injured fitness fanatic.  It, in short, blows.

As some of you may know, I've been in a "walking boot" for the past month.  I was actually BACK in the walking boot this past month.  I wore it through most of November after feeling some pain in my left foot.  It felt like I pulled a muscle in the top of my foot and really only hurt when I was jumping.  A visit to the orthopedic doctor, and xray and an MRI later, Dr Nilsson informed me that I have an "almost" stress fracture of the 3rd metatarsal.  What does that mean!??  Think about taking a rubber band and stretching it until it almost breaks.  It becomes weak and frayed and barely in tact.  That is my third metatarsal right now.

Dr Nilsson put me in a walking boot early November and told me to wear it around for 3 weeks.  Yay!  I can do that!  Then back to teaching, right??  Well, he released me after 3 weeks and said to take it easy.  In fact, his quote was, "Now Jennifer, if it hurts, DON'T DO IT."  I was made to repeat that several times back to him to ensure he knew I heard him.  However, I have a really special skill of hearing without really listening.  I know, I have many talents.  All that I could really hear was, "You can go back to teaching Turbo Kick, Jennifer!  Congratulations!!" 

Well, as the month of December progressed, I soon realized that I had been teaching my classes while still in pain.  What was it that the good doctor said again?  Oh yeah!!!  I remembered it that one morning early January when I limped to the telephone and started calling subs.  I visited Dr Nilsson later that same day and guess what?  Back in the boot!!  This time for FOUR WEEKS!!  "Okay," I thought, "I am going to DO THIS this time.  I'm going to be good and really rest my foot.  I'm only going to lift weights and do NO weight bearing exercise with my feet.  I will rock this recovery!"

Fast forward to yesterday, February 8, 2011.  The exciting doctor appointment that had me all giddy!!  He was going to say I should rest my foot without the boot for 2 more weeks and then go back to teaching my classes.  I just knew it!!

I sat on the table, took off my boot and sock and revealed my pretty pedicure (I didn't want the good doctor touching those knarly things that had been hiding in a boot for a month!).  Dr held my foot and applied pressure to the injury site.  "Does it still hurt here?"  Sigh, yes... it does.  "How about here?"  Hmpf, yes, actually.  Dr then informed me that I will need to take another month off.  I could take the boot off, but I have to keep a rigid carbon insole in my left shoe for the next month and STILL no weight bearing exercise for another 4 weeks.  UGH...  okay, okay, I can do that. 

"Then I can go back to teaching after that, right?  I'll just do low impact until I'm better!"  "No," explained the doctor.  I would have to take the month after that and increase activity by 10% each week.  "It will be at LEAST two more months before you can teach your classes or do any impact activities."

As sat there, hunched over on the examination table, I realized... this is for the best.  I knew in my heart that I was not healed enough to resume my usual activity YET.  I wasn't ready for the news of TWO MONTHS, but I resigned myself to the facts.  If I didn't let myself heal properly, I will NEVER be able to go back to my favorite activities.

So here we are.  Day One of my two months.  Look out April 9th!  I hope to be a very good girl so I can be back by then!!!  That is my goal, that is my motivation.  That date on the calendar is like a's like the finish's the day I can start to resume my favorite exercises...slowly, but surely.

There you have it.  I started this morning with my Shakeology for breakfast and went ahead and whipped one up for lunch ... it's waiting for me in the fridge ready to go.  I fixed breakfast for 2 little ones, lunch for the preschooler, changed wet sheets from the baby, brushed everyone's teeth, got everyone dressed, did a load of laundry (yes! before 7:30a!) and loaded up the gang.  Dropped off Alex at preschool and Anthony and I headed to the gym.  I did 37 minutes on the recumbent bike (thank you Turbo Kick music!!!) and followed it with a short 10 minute weights session. 

You can knock me down a peg, but you can't push me off the ladder!  (That's today's positive thought...not saying tomorrow will be as cheery, but I'm really really going to try!).

Now, off to be a mommy.  My exercise is done for the day and I'm happy.  My last thought... I REALLY hope I don't lose my job at the gym.  I love my classes and I love my participants.  I can't wait to see everyone in 2 months!! (hopefully...)

Until next time...



  1. Sorry you are "down a peg" gorgeous girl, but you are still very much on the ladder! Hang in there... you rock! XO, T

  2. After my surgery I thought it was forever before getting back, but I did EVERYTHING he said to do. Listen to the doctor, most of them know what they're talking about. We miss you, but will mark our calendars for mid-April!

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