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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 7

Today is one week since I went to the orthopedic doctor.  Doesn't feel like that long ago... my foot still hurts...  

We arrived in AZ for a vacation on Thursday afternoon and on Friday I checked out the club house in my parents' neighborhood.  I was expecting a treadmill (which I can't do) and some weights (which I could utilize).  I was pleasantly surprised to find...(drum roll) a recumbent bike!!  Yay!  Got my tunes going and hit the bike.  They also had some great weight equipment, so I did 2 rounds of my circuit.  I repeated the same routine on Saturday during naptime for the boys.  Saturday evening, my husband and I hit Scottsdale for a date.  I secretly brought a pair of dress shoes (very low heel and comfortable inside).  NO, my rigid insole does NOT fit in them, but I figured it wouldn't hurt for a couple of hours!  I know, it's vain... I'm just sick of wearing athletic shoes all of the time!

On Sunday, I decided to skip the workout.  We had planned to go to the Pheonix zoo and I knew I'd be doing a lot of walking.  Truthfully, my foot was hurting and I was a little scared to workout again.  Plus I knew I'd be walking all over airports on Monday on our way back home. 

By last night BOTH of my feet were hurting.  The pain is on the top of the foot and radiates down toward the tops of the toes.  It's just a dull achey pain that doesn't really go away.

Yesterday I was feeling a bit like a Debbie Downer.  BUT, the today is a new day.  Here are my positive thoughts:  I just got home from a 5 day vacation in AZ.  We did a TON of walking and I'm sure I just overdid.  My right foot is probably hurting because I've been overcompensating for the injured left foot.  Also, ever since I was released to do the recumbent bike, I think I've been pushing too hard on it.  The truth with the recumbent bike is that I kind of talked the doctor into letting me do it in the first place.  He really only wants me to swim.  He said I'd have to have VERY LITTLE TO NO resistance.  So how much resistance did I have last Wednesday?  5-7.  That's not being a very good girl. 

No recumbent bike this week.  My goal is to buy a one piece bathing suit this week and go swimming by AT LEAST Sunday.  I've heard that Costco is a good place to buy one.  I'm sure it's super sexy.  ;)

Anthony (the 17 month old) and I just got home from the gym and grocery store.  I did 3 rounds of my abs and weights circuit.  It felt really good.  No weight bearing activity on my foot besides walking around.  I promise to ice my foot tonight.  I really really promise!!! 

Until next time...  stay safe out there!  This week:  train smarter not harder!!

I may not be able to Turbo, PiYo or Hustle yet, but I'm still happy 95% of the time!!  LOL

Greetings from the Ostrich Ranch in Casa Grande, AZ!

Date night in Scottsdale!

Eating lunch at the Pheonix Zoo.

Feeding the giraffes.

Havin' fun with Grandma.

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