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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 18 - Spit in Goggles, the Nobody's Perfect Diet and Pretzels

Happy Saturday!  I went swimming again!  I really didn't want to, but once I got in the pool, I actually started to enjoy myself.  I planned on doing another 30 minutes and this time, I would count my laps.  I actually found that counting the laps made me feel more motivated.  I got 30 in about 30 minutes and decided to bust out another 4 laps.  I was surprised at how much stronger I felt today.  Still probably don't have a very good stroke, but I'm not too worried about it.  I just want the exercise and that heart rate was certainly up!

Side note:  saw a dog pooping on the way to the gym and another one pooping on the way home.  What's that about?

Thanks to a bunch of Facebook friends' advice, I tried putting spit in my goggles to avoid the fog.  I have to say it worked a tiny bit, but still had pretty foggy goggles.  Hmpf.  Probably just cheap goggles.

This week I am going to work harder on my nutrition.  I have been eating far too many treats lately.  Admittedly, I'm kind of an emotional eater.  Plus I just plain love to eat.  I always say that I work out so I CAN eat eat eat!  Now that my workouts are less intense, I need to start watching a little better.  I am a very healthy eater, but I am not perfect.  I have a tendency to be a perfectionIST, but never perfect.  That means that sometimes I eat the devil's WHITE FLOUR!!  GASP!  To be honest, I really do strive to eat all whole grains, but I do love my thin crust mediterranean deLITE pizza from Papa Murphys made with white flour.  SUE ME!  Oh, and I love a shiver from TCBY.  Get over it!!  I am going to make up a diet plan called the "Nobody's Perfect Diet."  It's where you eat all your fruits and vegetables, Shakeology, whole grains, subsitute applesauce and ground flax seeds in your baking, lean meats, etc.  HOWEVER, you still enjoy whatEVER treats you want, in moderation.  That means wine on the weekend, white bread pizza on OCCASION, birthday cake at a party, and sugary frozen yogurt if you deserve it (you know you do).  In my opinion, you can't eat perfectly all of the time and I just simply to not identify with people who do (or at least SAY they do). 

This past Christmas I read a Facebook post from a fitness professional whom I trust and admire, and this silly post has stuck in my mind like white flour on my ribs:  she stated something like (not a verbatim quote): "I was doing some major Christmas shopping at the mall and found myself STARVING! I ALMOST bought one of those pretzels but thank GOODNESS I had a P90X protein bar in my purse!"  One of her followers said something along the lines of "Man, I would have thought that a plain pretzel might be one of the healthier choices at the mall."  To which she responded something like, "Oh, maybe, but I avoid white flour at all costs."  Now, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my P90X protein bars and really do think that they are a better choice than a pretzel at the mall, (And you can buy them from me here!! I know, shameless plug).  HOWEVER, I wouldn't advertise to be a perfect person.  If I were hungry and a plain pretzel sounded good, why not?  Maybe then I wouldn't eat pizza for dinner after something like that, but I wouldn't advertise that I was some sort of super human. 

Really, I just feel much better when I eat healthy and nutritious food.  I don't eat chicken nuggets every day, however I WILL be eating a pretzel at the movie theater the next time I'm lucky enough to find a babysitter to go. 

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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